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The Swiss pension system is based on a three-pillar concept. State social security (AHV/AVS, or the first pillar), occupational benefits (BVG/LPP, or the second pillar), and private retirement savings plans (pillar 3a and 3b). The three pillars are designed to cover the financial risks of retirement, death, and disability. The three-pillar concept is facing huge challenges, however. The crux is its financeability.

The first pillar – retirement and survivors’ insurance (AHV/AVS) – is already nearing its financial limits because of the pay-as-you-go funding system: it has been loss-making for several years. An ever-dwindling number of younger contributors is facing an ever-growing number of pensioners whose retirement needs to be financed for an ever-longer period of time thanks to rising life expectancy.

Things are hardly better in the second pillar. Owing to demographics and the difficult market environment, pension solution providers are struggling with rising benefit obligations and falling income. High conversion rates and pensions in mandatory benefits mean that billions are being transferred from active members to pensioners.

Moreover, pension provision is rendered ever more difficult by the growing thicket of rules and restrictions on asset management. Clearly, over one CD_J_Plattform_Vorsorgeexperten_Vermoegen billion francs of pension assets can stoke greed, and adequate protection must be assured to savers.

In 2011, Liberty launched the free online portal to improve public information about the Swiss pensions market. Since then, the site has had thousands of visitors each day and is respected by the pension industry. It is freely accessible, and everyone can participate in its success. You can use the platform for your marketing and advertising, for example. For more information, please contact our consultants.

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