Liberty provides pension plans adapted to the size of your company, with tailor-made products to suit your needs

Liberty offers pension solutions for company founders, association pension plans for self-employed persons without employees, joint solutions for self-employed persons with employees and small businesses, as well as individual solutions for large and medium-sized companies.

Are you planning to start your own business? As an entrepreneur, are you looking to secure your retirement, limit your administrative workload, and perhaps
delegate your pension plan administration? Or are you seeking individual solutions for your large or medium-sized company by means of an individual BVG modular structure? In that case, Liberty is the right partner for you!

We believe pension plan administration should be particularly easy, especially for small businesses. That is why Liberty offers sole proprietorships and small and medium-sized companies attractive joint solutions that meet the highest demands in terms of security, transparency and costs.

In addition to our joint solutions, Liberty offers companies with more than CD_J_Unternehmenskunden_Mitarbeitende employees and at least CHF CD_J_Unternehmenskunden_Kapital million in pension assets tailor-made solutions with their own individual investment strategies (Mandate Invest), in which you have a major say in the decision-making.

If you have just established your company, you are faced with important decisions. These include choosing the right form of pension provisions. We would be happy to advise and support you during this process.

Your advantages

Liberty offers the best solutions for SMEs and large companies

Liberty's securities solutions offer high plan flexibility

Association solutions for self-employed persons

More than 1'000 Swiss companies rely on Liberty


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Liberty offers association pension plans for self-employed persons without employees in various sectors. The Liberty BVG Collective Foundation is the exclusive partner of the Swiss Association of Entrepreneurs for mandatory and extra-mandatory pension benefits; as such, it insures self-employed and freelance entrepreneurs against the adverse financial consequences of retirement, death, and disability. For smaller firms with employees, Liberty offers joint solutions.

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Liberty supports company founders on their way to independence. New entrepreneurs face important decisions. These include choosing the right form of pension provisions. The form varies depending on whether a joint stock company, limited partnership, or a sole proprietorship with or without employees is founded. An additional option is an association solution with the Swiss Association of Entrepreneurs.

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Liberty's 1e-Flex Investment Foundation offers you the greatest possible flexibility in the organisation of your executive pension scheme. It is designed for self-employed individuals with high incomes and for employers who wish to offer attractive benefits to their executives. The supplementary pension plan is also an excellent tool for recruiting and retaining employees.

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The Swiss Contractors' Association supports independent contractors from a wide range of sectors, particularly in matters relating to financial security. The association's own pension plan is open to its members and gives them access to the BVG collective foundation, in an exclusive partnership with Liberty.

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Our conditions are competitive, clear and transparent. You will only find a price list like this at Liberty.

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