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Liberty Pension Ltd (hereafter «Liberty Pension») is one of Switzerland's leading full service companies in the occupational benefits and tied benefits field. As an independent pension platform with an open modular architecture, Liberty Pension offers a wide range of innovative and individual 2nd and 3rd pillar services and products. Liberty Pension is the first Swiss pensions portal for occupational and tied pension benefits offering access to nearly all BVG/LPP-compliant investment products. Liberty Pension is a modern-day market place of sorts, delivering a complete range of services from a single source.

The following foundations operated by Liberty Pension are occupational benefit institutions subject to oversight by the relevant regulatory authorities:
Liberty Foundation for Vested Pension Benefits
Liberty Foundation for 3a Retirement Savings
LibertyGreen Foundation for 3a Retirement Savings
Liberty BVG/LPP Collective Foundation
Liberty 1e Flex Invest Foundation
Liberty Investment Foundation
(hereafter individually referred to as «Foundation» or collectively as «Foundations»).

Compare Invest (hereafter referred to as «Compare Invest») is a free service and online platform made available by Liberty Pension. The platform is a transparent decision-making tool designed to assist private and professional investors of pension assets (vested pension benefits, pension fund assets or pillar 3a tied retirement savings capital) to find the appropriate investment solutions. The platform enables the user to compare the products of different providers easily and objectively.

The following contractual terms and conditions, legal notices and data protection provisions apply to Liberty Pension, the Foundations and Compare Invest (hereafter collectively referred to as «Liberty», «we» or «us»):

- Terms and Conditions of Use
- Privacy Policy

- Foundation Regulations
    - Pension Fund Regulations
    - Rules of Procedure
    - Investment Regulations
    - Fee Schedule
    - Other Foundation-specific documents

- General Terms and Conditions

1. Terms and Conditions of Use
1.1 General
By accessing this Website and the products, services, information, data, tools and documentation contained or described herein (hereafter «Website»), you acknowledge and confirm that you have read and agree with the following Terms and Conditions of Use.

Liberty retains the right to amend or remove these Terms and Conditions of Use at any time.  You should, therefore, regularly consult the most recent version of these Terms and Conditions of Use. The applicable Terms and Conditions of Use are those in effect when the Website is used.

1.2 Access limitations
The Website is intended for persons and companies that are
- resident or established in Switzerland, or
- entitled to set up a 2nd and/or 3rd pillar pension solution under Swiss law, and to avail themselves of  Liberty's services for free or at a charge (hereafter «Services»).

1.3 Website ownership and use, copyrights, trademarks, and logos
Unless otherwise indicated, the Website and all trademarks and logos used on it are the exclusive property of Liberty. The entire content of the Website is protected by copyright.  The storing or printing of individual pages or sections of the Website is permitted provided neither the copyright notices nor other legally protected designations are removed. Users storing or otherwise reproducing software or other data from the Website are deemed in so doing to have accepted the relevant Terms and Conditions of Use. Liberty retains full title and ownership to any intellectual property or licensing rights. The redistribution (electronic or by other means), reproduction, modification, linking or use of all or any part of the Website contents in any form for public or commercial purposes is prohibited without Liberty‘s express prior written permission.

1.4 No offer, no obligation
The information about pension products and services, opinions, mathematical results and financial analyses published on the Website is made available without obligation and DOES NOT IN ANY EVENT CONSTITUTE AN OFFER, RECOMMENDATION OR INVITATION to buy or sell investment instruments, or to carry out or conclude any legal transaction.  In particular, invitations to order online contractual documentation for certain investment products are not binding offers but merely invitations to make offers. The fact that interested parties can access the Website does not make them clients of Liberty.

1.5 No advice
The data and information on the Website IS NOT INTENDED TO CONSTITUTE A DECISION-MAKING BASIS with regard to economic, legal, tax or any other consulting matters. Nor should any investment or other decisions be taken on the sole basis of such data and information. You are advised to seek expert guidance.

Any investment decisions taken by you are based exclusively on your own personal judgment, financial situation and investment aims, and on your own interpretation of the information. YOU BEAR SOLE RESPONSIBILITY FOR YOUR INVESTMENT DECISIONS.

By applying to open an account relationship, whether online or by post, YOU EXPRESSLY WAIVE ANY INDIVIDUAL GUIDANCE and confirm that you are well-acquainted with the functioning, customary practice, structure and risks in the pension benefits and investment fields.

1.6 No representations, no liability
To the extent permitted by law, Liberty declines any liability whatsoever for any loss or damage including, without limitation, indirect or consequential loss or damage, arising out of, or in connection with, the use of the Website or the links offered to third-party websites. Liability for any auxiliary agents is also fully excluded.

Moreover, Liberty shall in no event be liable for any manipulations of the user’s computer system by unauthorised parties. Liberty Pension expressly draws the user's attention to the risk and possibility of viruses, other damaging components, and targeted hacking attacks. To combat viruses, we recommend that you use current browser versions and that you regularly update your anti-virus software. Emails from unknown sources and unannounced email attachments should in principle not be opened.

The information on the Website is made available "as seen" and "as available". Liberty does not warrant fault-free, uninterrupted access to the Website, or that deficiencies will be eliminated and that there will not be any other kind of technical problems during its use.  

The information made available by Liberty is intended exclusively for personal use and for information purposes; information may be amended or removed at any time without notice. Although Liberty uses the customary degree of diligence to ensure that the information made available on its website is true, reliable and complete at the time of publishing, it does not represent or warrant (expressly or tacitly) that the information published is accurate, reliable, complete or up-to-date. In particular, Liberty has no obligation to update the contents of the Website and/or to remove information that is no longer up to date or to label it as such.

1.7 Performance and risks
Future investment performance cannot be extrapolated from past trends, i.e. investment values may rise or fall. Past changes in asset value are therefore no guarantee for future performance. There is no guarantee that the asset value of investments made with Liberty will be maintained or increased, since the value of investments is subject to market and price fluctuations. Under certain circumstances, certain investments may not be able to be readily traded and may be difficult to sell or realise. It may be difficult for you to obtain reliable information as to the value of such investments or the related risks. Potential investors should also take due account of the special risks in connection with international and global investments, investments in small companies, funds or investment strategies geared to a specific industry, country or region, or otherwise specialised, aggressive or concentrated investment strategies involving recourse to third-party funds or derivatives. Under no circumstances, therefore, may any assertions made on the Website be construed to constitute binding or conclusive advice or recommendations.

1.8 Links / Third-party content
Certain links on this Website take you to websites of third parties. References to third-party websites are exclusively for information purposes. Liberty has no influence whatsoever over such websites, and assumes no responsibility for the reliability, completeness or lawfulness of their contents, or for the products, services or other offers contained therein.  THE USE OF LINKS from this Website to websites belonging to third parties IS AT YOUR SOLE RISK. The creation of links from a third-party website to the Website is subject to liberty's prior consent.

1.9 Uploading data
When you upload data to the Website, you agree that Liberty can make free use of such data for an indefinite time and confirm that the use of such data does not infringe any personal rights, copyrights or other third-party rights. Liberty is entitled but not obliged to use, or allow third parties to use, the data or any information deriving therefrom in its database and in other internal and external communication media. You bear sole responsibility for the content of any data uploaded by you. You are responsible for ensuring that any data uploaded is in compliance with applicable law.

Subject to legal data retention requirements, you may request that your data or profile be deleted on

1.10 Misuse
You hereby undertake not to misuse the services, or to assist others in their misuse. You bear sole responsibility for the use of the services. Liberty declines any liability for any unlawful, fraudulent or abusive use of the services.

1.11 Data protection
The Privacy Policy contains information about the processing of your personal data.

1.12 Severability
The invalidity or partial invalidity of any individual provisions of these Terms and Conditions of Use shall not affect the validity of the remaining provisions and the Terms and Conditions of Use as a whole.

1.13 Governing law and jurisdiction
Any legal relationship arising in connection with the use of the Website shall be subject to Swiss substantive law, to the exclusion of the conflicting law. Disputes arising in connection with the use of the Website shall be submitted to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts of Schwyz.


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