The modern e-platform for the Swiss retirement market

SmartGate® is a future-oriented e-platform with attractive dynamic functionalities. We aim to establish it on the Swiss retirement market and build it up into a paperless, low-cost, and scalable e-platform 3.0. Manual processes and much too much paper still dominate the pension market.

We have consistently followed a platform strategy for the last 15 years. In this context, we address different groups of people with a view to developing a strong community. As part of this strategy, we have established professional associations and are planning to launch new innovative products and services to strengthen customer loyalty.

Clients and business partners have at their disposal an open, digitally-driven IT platform, Smartgate®, which is practically an open-banking system for the second and third pillars (Open API). In this framework, we offer:

  • Paperless self-onboarding for vested benefits and pillar 3a via Open API.
  • Paperless self-onboarding for 1e as a standard process.
  • Reading all relevant data for account opening via the Open API standard interface.
  • Exchange of client data held in the collective deposit with the custodian bank via the standard client interface.
  • Liberty Connect for direct clients and consultants (online tool for viewing transactions and assets).

By growing SmartGate®, we can process the main changes (e.g. in strategy, personal particulars, payroll data, etc) and enable data to the exchanged between partners and Liberty without media discontinuity.

SmartGate® is available to our partners in different packages and options. On request, we will customise the right package for you.

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