Liberty offers a 1e Flex solution with individual investment options

Whether you are self-employed or an entrepreneur with well-paid managers: Liberty has the right management benefits scheme for you. Ensure a high degree of flexibility and individual pension provisions.

The Liberty Flex 1e solution is a modern and highly flexible management benefits plan with attractive benefits for incomes exceeding CHF CD_J_UK_Flex_EinkommenLohn_EN (status CD_J_UK_Flex_Stand).

max. insurable salary according to BVG

up to






1e entry threshold




1e Solution









Non-mandatory occupational benefit plan









BVG Compulsory
occupational benefit plan









AHV / IV State
pension scheme
AHV annuual salary

The advantages of your 1e Flex solution:

  • Attractive premiums
  • Flexible customised benefits plans
  • Up to 10 different investment solutions with equities content of max CD_J_UK_Flex_maxAktienanteil%
  • Multilingual English - German - French - Italian
  • Online access with Liberty Connect

Our focus:

  • Reduced risk: underfunding is impossible since members assume sole responsibility for the risks and opportunities deriving from their individual predefined risk strategy.
  • No redistribution: a separate account and securities deposit is held for each member; this protects their pension assets against redistribution.
  • Flexible and individual: members may choose from a range of investment strategies. A change in investment strategy is possible at any time - at no additional cost.
  • Optimise taxation: members may make voluntary contributions into the 1e Flex solution and deduct them from their taxable income.

Who is a 1e Flex solution suitable for?

Sole proprietorship with employees / without employees

Self-employed persons can put together advanced extra-mandatory benefits solutions for themselves and their employees. For the salary components exceeding CHF CD_J_Kadervorsorge_EinkommenLohn_EN (status CD_J_BVG_Basis_Stand), retirement and risk benefits can be structured with different investment options.

Self-employed professionals in the medical, legal, financial, consulting and construction fields, without employees can optimise their protection against the financial consequences of retirement, death and disability through our attractive association solution.

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Joint-stock or LLC

Individually structured 1e Flex solutions are worthwhile for companies incorporated as joint stock or limited liability companies, and for self-employed professionals with employees. Liberty also offers individual extra-mandatory occupational benefits solutions for employees, managerial staff, management and senior executives of larger companies.

Company owners and start-ups

Liberty offers company owners a large choice of occupational benefits solutions for a wide range of needs. As for companies with employees, the entry threshold must exceed CHF CD_J_Kadervorsorge_EinkommenLohn_EN (status CD_J_BVG_Basis_Stand). This will create an excellent basis for yourself and your future employees.

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