Liberty News - Liberty is represented on the market with a new pension app

Coop has launched the Coop Finance+ app together with several financial services partners. The pension solutions are offered in cooperation with Liberty Foundation for 3a Retirement Savings, Glarner Kantonalbank, Vanguard and OLZ.

With Coop Finance+, Coop is launching a new and completely digital solution for financial and pension products together with several partners from the finance and services industry. Customers can use this attractive offering to easily open a savings and private account, make payments, and save for their retirement through pillar 3a. They benefit from high-quality financial products at fair conditions, above-average interest on the 3a retirement savings account, and free cash withdrawals at the checkouts in all of the around 1’000 Coop supermarkets and Coop City department stores.

App offers innovative pension options

In addition to the range of account solutions, Coop Finance+ can also be used to invest in pillar 3a pension solutions. These are launched with Liberty Foundation for 3a Retirement Savings, Glarner Kantonalbank as custodian bank and asset manager, and Vanguard and OLZ as fund partners. The products are of high quality and are offered at fair conditions and low fees. Depending on the user's income and life situation, a suitable and innovative investment strategy can be selected from the tailored solutions. The allocation of pension assets into equities and bonds is gradually adjusted according to the age and the time remaining until retirement. The aim is to reduce the risk of fluctuations in share prices as retirement approaches. The Coop Finance+ pension solution offers a further advantage with an above-average interest rate of currently 1.4% per annum on Pillar 3a account deposits.

Cooperation with partners makes it possible

As Thomas Schwetje, Head of Digital & Customer at Coop, explains, it is thanks to the collaboration with partners that the introduction of the new products and financial services offered by Coop Finance+ in the form of a fully comprehensive digital solution has only become possible. Oliver Bienek, CEO of Liberty Vorsorge AG adds: «We are extremely proud to be part of this pioneering solution with Liberty Pension.» The strategy of offering clients digital products tailored to their needs is thus to be consistently continued. Further digital financial products are to follow in the coming months.